Child Sponsorship

Help a Ugandan child receive an education, start a microenterprise project, and be discipled!

Your Future Sponsored Child

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Who You Help

You can assist a Ugandan child in desperate need that simply cannot afford to go to school. In addition, many children risk being pulled from school if they cannot pay school fees the following term. Help ensure that these children receive an education.
We currently work in the Wakiso and Mityana areas of Uganda.

What sponsorship includes

Education – School fees, uniforms, and scholastic materials.
Health Care – Malaria tablets, cough syrups, first aid kit, and hospital visits.
Microenterprise Opportunity – Cage, 10 chicks, feed, trough, and vet costs.
Christian Discipleship – Teachers, Bible materials, and a meal at club.

How It’s Sustainable

OWNERSHIP – We create ownership in the sponsorship program through microenterprise. After the first year of managing their microenterprise project and receiving a small income, the child and their family put money into their child’s savings fund. The families continue to contribute funds each subsequent year they are in the program and Bridge of Hope Africa Ministries manages this fund for each child doing the microenterprise project. Note: Not contributing any funds may jeopardize the child’s standing in the program. Don’t worry, the family continues to receive supplies from your sponsorship dollars, ensuring that their microenterprise project continues to grow and generate income. Microenterprise encourages the child and their family to be self-reliant and to feel empowered. They are contributing toward their family’s financial well-being and contributing toward their child’s future!

SAFEGUARDS – We use the money that we collect yearly from the families doing the microenterprise project to safeguard against emergencies and invest in their future. The money that we collect from the family goes into a savings fund for their child and should grow each year that they are in the program. These are funds that Bridge of Hope Africa Ministries can use if necessary for the sponsored child. For example, if there is a health emergency in the family, money can be used from this savings fund. This fund is comprised solely from the family’s microenterprise earnings and is used for two purposes: safeguards and investments.

INVESTMENT – We build investment into the child’s future. We keep track of the child’s savings fund over the course of their education and time in the program. When the sponsored child graduates from secondary school, we help to open a bank account in their name with these funds. Our desire is that the sponsored child/young adult will use those funds toward college, future capital to further their microenterprise business, and/or for unplanned emergencies. A report of this savings fund each year goes to the sponsor, sponsored child, and the sponsored child’s family.


Each child has three sponsorships total! Choose a level of sponsorship ($50, $100, or $150/month) and see the benefits below that the child will receive. Sometimes a child already has one or two sponsorships filled, hence you have the opportunity to fulfill their second or third sponsorship!  We encourage sponsors to make a long-term commitment to their sponsored child to ensure that they receive timely benefits until they graduate from secondary school.

Why Relationships Are Important

You can create a special bond with your sponsored child and make an emotional impact in their life. And we hope you do! You will receive three letters and an updated photo of your sponsored child each year – mailed to you. You also have the ability to write letters to your sponsored child and of course to visit them through one of BOHAM’S mission trips.

Sponsorship FAQs

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