The Issue

According to UNICEF, 1 out of 4 Ugandan children live in extreme poverty, many of which cannot afford to go to school. Without education their lives are constrained by a recurring cycle of poverty and unemployment with few, if any, opportunities to break the cycle.

We want to change that. Young adults in Uganda struggle to find employment. In fact, the unemployment rate for young adults (18-30 years of age) is around 64 percent according to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics. Given the growing population – three quarters below the age of 30 – a focus on job creation is paramount.

We want to help create jobs.

Our Solution

We help Ugandan children go to school, receive microenterprise assistance, and learn about Jesus through our discipleship ministry. We achieve this through the generosity of others – by becoming child sponsors and ministry partners.

How We Achieve Sustainability

Our sponsorship program is structured to ensure ownership by the child and their family through contributions to the child’s savings fund, to safeguard against emergencies through this fund, and to build investment into their child’s future through this fund. Upon graduation from the program, money from the child/young adult’s savings fund is used to open a bank account for them. The hope is that they will use these funds toward their college tuition or as additional investment into their small business; their choice.

Why We Are Unique

The majority of our Ugandan staff are former sponsored children who personally experienced the life transforming effects of being sponsored out of poverty. Many of them have professional experience working for other sponsorship organizations and bring a unique “boots on the ground” perspective to our organization. They understand firsthand the needs of the community we serve and are passionate about finding solutions to poverty.