About the Choir

Bridge of Hope Africa Ministries brought its first childrenʼs choir from Uganda to the United States in June 2018! Eighteen children stayed for six months and shared their hope for a bigger and brighter future through song, dance, and the playing of musical instruments. The children performed at schools and churches to spread the Gospel of Jesus and raise awareness and support for their communities back home. The focus was to help Ugandan children in their communities through BOHAMʼs sponsorship program — providing Christian discipleship, educational opportunity, and microenterprise support to better assist their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. In addition, throughout the six-month tour, children stayed with different host families as part of a cultural and educational exchange. It was our hope to not only impact families with the love of Jesus Christ, but to help BOHAM’s children become future change agents for their society and help their communities back home be lifted out of poverty.