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When Ibrahim was born (pictured left), he was a healthy baby, but his mother had HIV/AIDS. Others in the village advised his mother against breastfeeding due to the risks of HIV transmission. Unfortunately, she breastfed without antiretroviral treatment and transmitted it to her baby boy. Soon after both his parents died and Ibrahim was left in the hands of Maimuna, his paternal grandmother. Ibrahim is now 8 years old and living with his grandmother in Senge, Wakiso District with his cousins Musa and Hassan, ages 6 and 8 respectively (pictured center and right). Musa and Hassan have had tough lives as well. Hassan for instance joined the family after his mother became unfit. Hassan’s mother was a victim of sexual abuse and as a result gave birth to him.

Because of all of this, Maimuna became both a mother and father to these children. She was forced to play a role in her older years that she never expected. In addition, she is the second wife of her late husband, which often brings many other issues as well. When her husband died, her stepchildren chased her out of the home and off the land where she cared for her grandchildren.

Maimuna has no income at all. She depends solely on the generosity of others. The land where she grew food was sold and now she has nowhere to grow food. To make matters worse, last year her house caught on fire which left her and the children with nothing. The community pitched in to help, but it wasn’t much.

However, we believe there is hope for Maimuna and her grandchildren – both physically and spiritually. According to Psalm 34:18 (NIV), The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. We are praying for Maimuna and her family and we hope you will too!

Last month all three boys, Ibrahim, Musa, and Hassan were registered for sponsorship with Bridge of Hope Africa Ministries. They now attend weekly Bible club and are anxiously awaiting sponsors. Would you consider being a sponsor to one of these young boys? For $50/month you can turn around their lives. You can help one of these boys go to school, earn an income for their family, and ensure continuation of Bible Club.

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This story is repeated hundreds of thousands of times a year by children and families throughout Uganda. Bridge of Hope Africa Ministries is dedicated to helping children and families like this one cope with and overcome what could be devastating circumstances. Through donations from families who are not faced with such challenging difficulty in their own lives, Bridge of Hope is able to extend compassion to these children and families in their time of need.

This family needs land and a home. Our concern is when the grandmother dies, the children will have nowhere to go as their close family has denied them. With $9,000, we will be able to provide this family with a small piece of land and a good habitable home. The family also needs bedding and clothing since the fire took it all.

If you would like to help out this family, click below or mail a check to PO Box 96091, Portland, OR 97296 and include a note.

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With this we hope to bring much joy to their lives and give them a chance at a brighter future. Thank you for keeping Maimuna, Ibrahim, Musa, and Hassan in your prayers.

May God bless you!