At the heart of our ministry is to provide opportunities for children. We believe teaching children entrepreneurial skills will put them on a path toward success. We hope to empower children’s families to be self-reliant entrepreneurs as well.

Donate toward our microenterprise project to help children and families get ahead!


Enkoko means chicken in Luganda. The first business concept through our sponsorship program is rearing of chickens and selling eggs. Through caring for chickens and selling their eggs, children and their families will be able to earn a small income and save for their child’s future. Another benefit of the Enkoko project is increased nutrition and for the family to learn important business concepts such as budgeting and saving for the future. 


Our dream is to purchase land and build a community center to benefit the people of Wakiso and Mityana. This center will foster a true sense of belonging for both young and old alike through spiritual outreach activities, job skills and training programs, and many fun activities for families within these districts.

Much of our efforts are currently directed toward bolstering stable living conditions with the families connected to BOHAM, but this is only the beginning of our vision for these families and communities. 

Donate to our future community center to help us foster a sense of community in these areas!